Cannybots open source racing car

cannybots car

Cannybots are Open Source, 3D Printable Toy Robots that you can print using an ordinary home 3D printer. You can control it from a Phone, Tablet, PC or even Raspberry Pi and program it using simple programming interfaces such as – Arduino, Blockly, Python, mbed and Scratch. Cannybots are completely open source – including the Software, the Hardware as well as the Mechanics. The Cannybot Hardware consists of a small but powerful single board controller called the BlueBrain. It incorporates an ARM processor, Bluetooth (4.0) and the motor controllers. It also talks to line sensor attached on the belly of the bot used to detect the line/track. The Cannybot Mechanics consists of structural components like – the chassis, top cover and wheels. The structural components are typically 3D printed.

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