Bioprinting and 3Dprinting


  There have been many innovative uses of 3dprinting that make the news almost every day. 3Dprinting cars and even houses are just a few examples of how fast the technology is emerging. It is widely recognised that the medical industry stands … [Read more...]

Myminifactory Interview – My Views on 3dprinting and education


    This is the interview that was originally posted on on 14/10/14. I have been a Design and Technology teacher for 6 years and have led Product Design at Ladybridge High School for the past 5 years. My … [Read more...]

Made in Space and 3dprinting a ‘cosmic’ combination

MIS_printer_patch-small[/embed] 3Dprinting in Space?  Many people are only just getting to grips with 3Dprinting on planet earth. The industry has not even matured yet and already there is a 3Dprinter that has been designed to … [Read more...]

3dprinting and GCSE students. Amazing work.

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  I am often asked how do you teach 3dprinting to whole classes of students? Many people outside of education seem to think that there is some kind of barrier to teaching the technology in a classroom. They see these great machines that print … [Read more...]