3d printing and the crumble controller

crumble controller circuit board

Crumble controller to revolutionise programming lessons? Programming is the ‘in thing’ at the moment. From ‘apps to arduinos’, it seems like the world is going programming crazy (and rightly so). The ability to write a program has been become a … [Read more...]

Inmoov global expansion continues

Inmoov human 3d printed robot

The idea of humanoid robotics is one most of us associate with science fiction or high end research and development laboratories. However, with the global expansion of consumer 3d printing, this has become an easily accessible area to the average … [Read more...]

We’re mapping the world of community 3d printing!

map image

3D printing is expanding all the time and is one of the fastest growing areas of technology. With fablabs, printer hubs and filament suppliers opening every day, we want to make searching for 3d printing as easy as possible, so we want to map the … [Read more...]

The coolest 3d printed lamp shades in the world.

3dprinted lamps

Ever wondered what the best 3d printed lamps look like? Here's a break down of the coolest lamps I've seen in the 3dprinting world over the past few years. Some are online, some are pics of real life lampshades. 1.The nuke lamp! This is literally … [Read more...]

Helping to grow 3dprinting, DesignBox3D leads the way with Zmorph 3d printers..

zmorph 3d printer

  Ever needed an unbiased view of a 3dprinter? Want to steer clear from the mainstream brands and try an alternative? I often look at different printers that come onto the market and I have tested many smaller branded printers. The … [Read more...]