3D Slash – Create and customise your own files

3D Slash is the world’s easiest CAD package. If you are new to 3d printing then this is a great integration to help you create your first model. You can create models to download in minutes by using their revolutionary software right here on the 3dfilemarket. We are pleased to have formed a partnership with 3D Slash and believe that this technology will allow 3D printing to keep expanding. Also this software is extremely fun and a great one for kids to start modelling with. If they like minecraft then they will love this. We’re happy to announce that 3D Slash is free to use and once you have designed a model, all you need to do it click the ‘STL’ icon to download your model.

If you want to share your models then add them to the 3DSlash category and help expand the world of 3D printing. Make sure that you have printed your design first.

To share your  model is easy. Click here to register an account (or log in if your already a member) and then you can share your creations with the world. Also tweet us your model and we will share to our community. 3D Slash has featured in our news feed with their latest release, version 2.0, to read more about them click here.

Customise and edit stl files in 3D Slash

Want to edit or customise an stl file? That’s easy, just upload the design into 3D Slash and to enable you to add material or reduce material. The feature is part of the ‘advanced tools’. To access this click on the ‘hammer’ tool and select the shapes feature under the ‘advanced’ catergory.

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Here are some of the great examples of what you can create with 3D Slash. From home models and architectural buildings, you can create anything your mind can imagine.

3D Slash empire state building         3D Slash starwars    robot, computer and drone