3D Slash releases ‘3D Slash version 2.0’

3D Slash is shaking up the CAD modelling scene. CAD used to be the main barrier to widespread adoption of 3d printing at consumer level. Hours and hours can be spent trying to learn a package and sometimes you are still restricted by what you can achieve. 3D Slash and their pioneering software is shaking up the CAD modelling market by allowing anyone to be able to CAD model with no prior experience. The best thing about 3D Slash is the fun factor and ease of use. If you can download an app from the app store, then you can use 3D Slash. We had the chance to take a sneaky peak at some of the new features and review the updated program this week and we are highly impressed by the latest update. We were so impressed with 3D Slash that we included them in our CAD software review page as one of the best packages to start modelling with.world land marks

3D Slash has integrated the former ‘expert’ tools into the main tool menu so users can easily create refined models faster than ever. The new refined features include;
– Copy-paste, move, resize and flip (among other actions) are now very simple and fast to perform
– Parts of the model can now be selected and manipulated by color
– Users can also pick up advanced features easily: import rounded shapes or external files (.stl or .obj), rework them and combine them
– … all still in a lively environment bearing the 3D Slash signature, with fun animations when cubes are destroyed.

3D Slash – 70,000 downloads

All of these features allow for a more wider modelling experience where it is easier to create models of products and real life situations e.g. architecture like in this photo.3d slash house and wheel chair

Sylvain Huet, founder and creator of 3D Slash, stated “Our vision behind 3D Slash was to develop a tool that enables anyone to create or interact with 3D objects, in the same spirit of accessibility as tools like Windows PowerPoint. We believe this mission is fullfilled with this new version of 3D Slash! With fast-developing technologies relying on 3D content, such as 3D printing, augmented reality and virtual reality, our tool will prove invaluable to a growing number of users”.

3D Slash is really starting to expand and grow in 3D printing with more than 70,000 files created since early 2015 on 3D Slash alone (this figure does not include the files created through 3D Slash’s partners such as AstroPrint, Pi-Top, YouMagine or La Poste). 3D Slash is also being used in a variety of situations, including STEM classes, at home and for professional use. These uses include:
– Scale modeling, design-thinking, prototyping (for instance, 3D Slash is an essential building block for the Modular Internet of Things)
– Booth design and optimization; design of logos, keychains, text plaques or other marketing items (especially for small businesses)
– Digital entertainment (for children to create toys or fun shapes, paint and decorate them)
– 3D Slash is also widely used as an educational tool, in STEM classes or in earlier grades (to develop technology projects, study monuments outside and inside… or simply help children sharpen their three-dimensional vision).

3D Slash and Virtual Reality

As well as the updated version of 3D Slash they have also released a VR mode where users can now design in 3D and view their creation in virtual reality on their smartphone, using Google Cardboard or other available devices. According to Sylvain Huet, “This is the first step for 3D Slash into VR”. He announces “more innovative VR experiences to come”. Sylvain Huet himself was a virtual reality pioneer: back in the 90s, he created Second World, one of the first virtual worlds. This early launch led him to experience the problems related to content production, which he believes will still be key in the rapidly developing augmented reality and virtual reality industries. Hence the idea today of 3D Slash, a tool enabling user-generated creation of 3D content, particularly for augmented reality and virtual worlds.

Some of the great new features include the ability to import a photo and then cut around the picture to create a cut out. Also there is the great feature to upload a model and then customise it. Why not check out one of our great free designs we offer and see what you can create. With such a new programme in its early days the future is looking bright for 3D Slash. The only limit is your imagination so why not give it a try! For more videos on how to use the new features check them out below.


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