About Us

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The aim of the 3dfilemarket.com is to promote the sharing of good designs and help grow 3dprinting. We are totally independent of any major 3dprinting companies and you wont find the 3dfilemarket.com trying to sell you printers, we are purely about promoting good 3dprinted digital design. You can download the files from the site and print to any type of printer and you can keep a copy of the file for personal use. All the models featured on the site have been checked by real humans, so only quality models will be allowed to feature on the website. You won’t see any CAD screen shots on here, all models have to be accompanied with an actual photo of the design 3dprinted so you know it will 3dprint. If there is no photo then the design will not feature on the site.

Most of the designs are free to download with  the additional feature of allowing ‘paid’ downloads. The idea of this is to reward good designers for their work. Whilst we believe that 3D printing should be free in the majority of cases, we feel good designers should be rewarded for their work. If you would like to benefit from charging for your designs then you are free to set a price. Please read the ‘pricing model’ in the terms and conditions. Basically, we want your designs to be downloaded and if you over price your designs then the chances of downloads will be rare. You will also benefit from a commission rate of 80% of the net download fee after transaction fees have been deducted by Paypal (this is one of the highest on the web, cubify was only 60%). There is also the option of ‘secure streaming’ with our partners Authentise.com to allow designer the option of selling their work securely. The concept behind streaming means you can sell individual prints of your designs and the STL file is never downloaded. The design is ‘streamed’ to the 3d printer and when the print has finished if the user would like another copy to print they have to purchase another ‘stream’. This allowing for the sharing of work along with the protection of the Intellectual property.

So that’s the basics of the site, you can download, upload and share your designs. Enjoy 3dprinting!