OLO 3D printer-Turn your iphone into a 3D printer.

OLO 3D printer

OLO 3D has just changed the ball game in 3D printing. Turn your iphone into a 3D printer? Sounds like science fiction, but OLO 3D has just released this technology yesterday through their kickstarter campaign. Already in under 24 hours they have … [Read more...]

Magigoo 3dprinting adhesive review.


Magigoo attempts to solve that frustrating first layer issue. Are you having problems getting that elusive first layer to stick?  3dprints peeling off the print bed? They can be extremely frustrating times when 3d printing and encountering this issue … [Read more...]

Cura 3d printing slicing software review

3dhubs marvin army

Cura out performs any other 3d printing slicing software! The type of software you use when 3d printing can be just as important as the type of 3d printer and the brand of filaments you are using. We have tested many different types of slicing … [Read more...]

3D printing teacher leads two day Stem course.

3d printed robo hand

Teacher leads the way with two day 3D printing education course! With 3d printing on an ever increasing journey of expansion, we all know how important education is to the future of the industry. With new curriculum's being introduced by the UK … [Read more...]

3dfilemarkets top ten 3d print models

nuke lamp 3d printing files

Need a high quality 3d print model to download? Good 3d printable designs are the key to 3D printing. Without good content made available, then the expansion of 3D printing will stifle and slow down. We been live for over 18 months now and had … [Read more...]

Low poly modelling tutorial by 3dfilemarket.com

meshmixer low poly bunny

Low poly modelling has been a great way to create innovative, modern simplistic looking designs. I have often thought how can you create low poly models without complex cad modelling skills. Do you need to be a wizard on 3D cad with the ability to … [Read more...]

Share designs securely with Authentise

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'Authentise streaming technology helps encourage the sharing of more premium content.' As 3D printing continues to expand with more 3D printers being sold year on year, the area of file sharing and selling 3D print files continues to lag behind the … [Read more...]

Inmoov global expansion continues

Inmoov human 3d printed robot

The idea of humanoid robotics is one most of us associate with science fiction or high end research and development laboratories. However, with the global expansion of consumer 3d printing, this has become an easily accessible area to the average … [Read more...]