DesignBox3D offers discount 3D printers

Designbox3D is one of North America’s leading independant distributors of 3D printers. One thing about their founder, Preet Jesrani, is that he will always give an honest opinion about 3D printing and what printers are best for your needs. Based in Ohio, they have sold printers across North America and Latin America and are authorized dealers of BCN, Ultimaker, Mass Portal and Zmorph to name a few. A great thing about Designbox3D is they are always 3d printing designs and posting the outcomes on their twitter page. If you ever wanted to see a 3d printer in action, then just follow them and on an almost daily basis you see videos and reviews posted of their printers. They have printed many of our designs we feature on the 3dfilemarket in the past. If you are on the look out for a new printer then we wanted to share some fantastic offers from DesignBox3D at the moment in their January sale.

Currently they have 15% off the Mass Portal 3Dprinter. This 3D printer is great if you want to print tall prints in fine detail. To see the 3D printer in action, click the link below the image.

mass portal 3dprinter

Designbox3D also is running 15% discount on the BCN 3D printer.

Looking at these prints here, this is one impressive 3D printer. Within the industry there is great hype about the BCN and it reliability, along with its print quality. The images tell it all. Preet explains how, ‘The first Sigma we tested was stunning in how elegantly our friends at BCN3D had solved the problems with dual extrusion.  Two independent extruders on the X axis, with the cleanest dual material prints that we have seen’. 3d printed reindeer

blue 3d printed objects

To check out the promotion click here

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