EZ3D 3D printing adhesive review

EZ3D are a UK based company that are waging the war on warped prints with their new 3D printing adhesive called the ‘Glass build plate wizard’. We have been 3D printing for years now and the issues of getting prints to stick to the print bed seems to be an ongoing issue. There are so many variables that effect a 3D print and the more that you can minimise or eliminate the better outcomes you can get. We have tested many different 3D printing adhesives here at the 3dfilemarket and we have found some excellent attempts to solve the warpage problem. EZ3D are another company who seem to have found the magic bullet.

The adhesive comes in a colourful designed blister package that is jammed full of with about the product. It is clear what you are buying and it has all the instructions and safety information clear on the packaging. From a consumer point of view this is vitally important when deciding to buy a new product. The blister package was easy to open without the need for scissors (thankfully) and to use the product you just spray onto the surface of the glass. It is recommended that you remove the glass bed from the 3D printer first.

EZ3D is easy to use



When spraying the EZ3D adhesive the liquid dispersed quickly and easily in a fine mist onto the build plate. To cover the surface (we used a hacked makerbot with a glass bed added) took about 3 to 4 sprays and there was no noticeable liquid left on the build plate. If the liquid is too thick then it can cause issues with clogging the printer nozzle, but in this case you could hardly see it. There is a smell given off by the adhesive, it’s not to strong but you do notice it when spraying. Also take note that the packaging has a flammable symbol on it. We then put the glass bed back in the 3D printer and started a print as normal. We started by 3D printing a basic key fob in the middle of the print bed (with no adhesive on a glass bed this wouldn’t stay put long).first layer of

This is a shot of the all important fist layer of the print. A perfect layer adhesion using sustainable filamentive PLA. When watching the first layer you can usually tell how the 3D print will go, if it’s perfect then great you can leave it. If it doesn’t adhere perfectly then your’re in trouble. We left this print as the first layer was fantasic and the outcome was a success. When taking the print off the print bed, the model simple came away with ease. With some other adhesives that we have tested they can get stuck to the print bed and removing them from a glass bed can be very difficult. With the EZ3D it was a breeze to remove. We needed to tweak out top layer on the slicing settings with this print though.

EZ3D does prevent warping

3d printed key ring

The most important thing is what does the bottom layer look like after it has been removed from the 3D printer? We are pleased to say that it was perfectly flat with no warpage or peeling.flat side of key ring

We then decided to print a small box with a lid that were nested next to each other. So basically the 3D printer would be printing two parts in one go. Again this was another success with no peeling or warpage. box with lidclosed red box

Summary of EZ3D

EZ3D is a very good product and one of  the better adhesives that we have tested. It comes nicely packaged and it does what it says on the label. We conducted first initial testing using PLA but on the EZ3D website they have tested it with ABS, HIPS, Nylon and PETG, so this is a very versatile adhesive and one that we will continue to use when 3D printing. To buy the EZ3D then visit their website https://ez3d.eu/ For a price tag of £9.99 this is value for money. We had printed 3 prints with this on one application so a bottle will go along way. We recommend this product to our followers.


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