Is this the coolest lamp 3D printed? The ‘Nuke Lamp’.

3d printed nuke lamp
It’s well known that 3D printing lamps is one of the coolest things you can do. We’ve seen numerous attempts at printing designs from our lighting section and we wanted to share this example sent in my Hawk3Dproto. Ben (founder) downloaded the ‘Nuke lamp’ by Maxim Sachs and printed an example as large as his printer would handle. He 3D printed the nuke lamp design using the Raise 3D that they sell. In total the print took a whopping  52 hours to complete using a layer resolution of 0.2mm. The impressive thing about this printer is that the raise 3d printed a design perfectly over 52 hours. Anyone that knows 3D printing will understand that the longer the print time, the more risk of print failure there is. Imagine you are 50 hours into a print and then it fails. This would be hugely frustrating and also a huge waster of material. For a 3D printer to achieve this length of print time successfully is something to celebrate. This monumental print time works out at almost two and a half days solid on non stop printing. The material that this was 3d printed with was from Innofil3D who are acclaimed with producing filament from recycled plastics. In a world of rapidly expanding material use in 3D printing, it is a key feature for he industry to remain as sustainable as possible. By filament companies embracing recycled material, we can minimise the impact upon the environment that 3D printing can have.

3d printing settings of raise 3D

There is also a quick youtube video to show the final finished outcome of the lamp. Here you can see close ups of the lamp with and without supports and also how it looks when finished with a light source in it. Do you have a huge 3D printed design that you want to share? If so, tweet us @3dfilemarket and we will share on our blog and social media.

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