Welcome to our partners page on the 3dfilemarket. Every company below has partnered with us to help grow 3D printing and also help grow the 3dfilemarket. To appear on the partners page then use the contact form below and tell us what you would like to offer and how we can partner with you. Partners can be in the form of 3D printer manufacturers or suppliers, 3D printing consumables such as filament manufacturers and suppliers. Also partners can be designers who feature their work on the 3dfilemarket and education websites that promote 3D printing.

List of partners.

Authentise Streaming. These are our elite partners and we have integrated their powerful streaming technology into our website. As well as offering designs for download we also offer the ability to ‘stream’ a design. This allows copies of designs to be sold so that users can 3d print the model on their personal 3dprinter, however the stl file is never actually downloaded, therefore ensuring the Intellectual Property of the file is always protected. To read more about this check out our streaming information page.

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Educational resources for teaching 3D Printing to school children.

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Create amazing models with the world’s easiest CAD program 3D Slash.

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Magigoo 3D printing adhesive. Are you suffering from warped prints? Use Magigoo to transform your 3D printing experience. We have extensively tested this and endorse it.

Beethefirst 3dprinters are one of the top 3D printing manufacturers in the world and they have uploaded a large database of their designs to the 3dfilemarket and we have tested their printer.


Hawk 3D Proto 3dprinting are our UK partners who sell and distribute 3D printers and consumables. They are the European distributors for Airwolf 3D printers.

HAWK 3D LOGO with Strapline is a great resource for all things 3D printing. From printer reviews to filament testing reviews, this is a great resource to access.

Design Box 3D printers

DesignBox3D printers

Walltosh 3dprinting designs

walltosh part of 3D INDUSTRIES


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Richard Horne 3dprinting blog


James Bleach Design and Technology Educational Resources

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makersempire – the world’s easiest to use 3dprinting software.


   Carla Diana and Leo the Makerprince

leo tha maker prince

 7th Avenue Bridal does custom 3D printed designs on request.

7th avenue bridal

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