Want to sell designs and have peace of mind that your stl files are safe? We have partnered with Authentise streaming to enable designs to be sold on the 3dfilemarket as streams if you don’t want to offer your stl files for a direct download. There are many advantages of this;

1. You protect your copyright of your designs. Your stl files are never downloaded.

2. The design is streamed like ‘spotify’ streams music MP3s. Once the print is complete then the customer will have to purchase another ‘stream’ if they would like to print another copy of the design.

3. The stl files will be streamed as you want them to appear, so no scaling or altering.

4. 70% commission paid on all streams.

Instructions for streaming. When uploading a design simply select the ‘stream’ option at the bottom of the submission form and select the ‘Streamed Designs’ catergory. It’s as easy as that.

We recommend that you stream our test stl file for free so you understand the process and installation of the streaming client. Once installed and your printer is recognised then you can purchase as many streams as you like.

Click the image for the free test stream


coffee peg

For direct support from Authentise visit their support page here

Streaming instructions

1. After you have purchased the stream, you click on the link to start streaming on the receipt page and will be prompted with this message below. Select your operating system and download the app.

image 1

2. Next you need to add your printer. If your printer isn’t listed and it’s an FDM single nozzle printer then select this option.

image 2

image 3

The printer settings are pre set for any printer that is listed.

image 4 3. Your printer will recognised and added.

image 6

4. Select your slicing settings.

ImageProxy (1)

5. You will be asked are you ready to print.

ImageProxy (2)

6. The design will be sliced and the printer will prepare itself to print the model.

ImageProxy (3)

7. The design will be streamed to your printer and the printer will 3dprint the model.

ImageProxy (5)

8. After the print is complete please give feedback about if it was successful or not.

ImageProxy (6)